In the Spotlight: Refugee Mentor Abby Ofori

Published on February 21, 2018 

Since becoming involved in the program in 2017, refugee mentor Abby Ofori has made a lasting and memorable impact on her mentee. Abby was matched with a newly arrived refugee mother of three based on their mutual love of cooking, the outdoors and their friendly, kind demeanors.

As a mentor, Abby helped the young family explore the city, practice English, access the library and connect to other community resources as they became oriented to their new life in the Greater New Orleans area.

Abby Ofori

Abby is committed, insightful and culturally aware and has become a role model for other mentors. She even leads support sessions and coffee talks for other mentors.

Abby has been engaged in intercultural work and learning her whole life. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and a teacher at the International School, she recognizes strength in diversity.

While she recalls some awkward silences at the beginning of her match due to language barriers, the two now consider each other good friends. They enjoy cooking together, celebrating birthdays, visiting the zoo and more. Meanwhile, her mentee’s children enjoy the play dates Abby has arranged with her friend Emily’s children.

Her mentee says she feels more connected to the community since meeting Abby, and that Abby has truly made a difference in her life.

Thank you, Abby, for your commitment to serving the immigrant and refugee community and the tireless work you do!