Deaf Action Center Interpreting at the College Football National Championship

Next month when you tune into the College Football National Championship

game, make sure to look out for the sign language interpreter during the National Anthem. Out of numerous videos of local youth signing for the chance to interpret at the game, CCANO Deaf Action Center’s client, Logan Fraychineaud, was selected for this memorable opportunity.

Residents of Harahan, Logan’s family has worked with CCANO’s Deaf Action Center for over 17 years and has three generations of clients including his parents, cousin, aunt, and grandparents. Logan himself has a cochlear implant, which means he is now hard of hearing. While most of Deaf Action Center’s participants are adults, Deaf Action Center steps in to provide services for Logan’s doctor appointments and teacher parent conferences. As he grows older, they will be assisting with additional services.  

At first, the production company organizing the entertainment at the Championship game told Shari Bernius, Deaf Action Center Administrator, that as a ten-year-old, Logan might be too young to be selected. Logan’s dad, Richie, broke the news to prepare his son that he might not be chosen. Therefore, it was a miraculous surprise when the production company called Catholic Charities to announce that Logan was the winner of the contest. The Chineauds were so excited to receive the news that a few tears were shed, and Logan immediately told every student and teacher he could find at school the next day.

Since finding out, Richie has been practicing with Logan nonstop, making sure he is prepared for January 13th. Shari will be present for the rehearsal before the big game and will stay with Logan to coach him on the sidelines as Logan will not be able to hear Lauren Daigle singing and will need to know where she is in the lyrics. As a huge LSU fan, Logan is hopeful that his team will beat Oklahoma in the playoffs so that he can cheer for the Tigers on the home field of his other favorite football team, the Saints. As a Louisiana football fan, what better gift could a ten-year-old boy get for Christmas!

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