A Double Blessing at Thanksgiving

Jayme and Matthew are feeling extra thankful this holiday season.  The couple recently became the parents of twins placed through Adoption Services of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans.  Jayme and Matt were selected by their children’s birth parents in August and began meeting with them shortly thereafter. 

The twins, Charles and Murphy, were born at the end of September and placed with Matt and Jayme directly from the hospital following their birth.  Matt and Jayme are looking forward to celebrating this wonderful time of year with their newborn children and feel extremely blessed by the gift of adoption.         

The Adoption Services’ staff, Danna P. Cousins, LCSW-BACS (Program Director) and Cindy Falgoust (Maternity Case Manager) are grateful for over 30 years of celebrating adoption and for the families that receive services through Adoption Services. For more information on Adoption Services, visit here or contact Adoption Services (504) 885-1141 or email [email protected].