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Adoption Services of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans is a full-service, non-profit, child-placing program that seeks to link children of all ages to their forever families.
Our program is staffed by certified open-adoption practitioners experienced in maternity and adoption services who believe that every child deserves a safe, caring home. Our adoption assistance follows our greater mission to provide dignity through respect and service through love. Get to know our adoption services below, and visit or call (504) 885-1141 to learn more.



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Our Adoption Services

We’re focused on domestic and international adoption as well as providing services to birthparents and families considering adoption. We serve those of all religious and ethnic backgrounds within the greater New Orleans area.

Birthparent Adoption Services

Catholic Charities Adoption Services offers comprehensive adoption planning and maternity services including:

  • Confidential counseling
  • Financial and medical assistance
  • Low-cost maternity care through St. Vincent Clinic
  • Open adoption services for birth and adoptive families
  • Legal counsel through agency attorney
  • Post adoption support services
  • Certified Open Adoption Practitioners on staff

Each person’s adoption journey is different. However, we think of the adoption process as featuring five steps for birth parents. Read about each of these steps below:

Birthparent Adoption Steps

Step 1: Education

Birth parents should begin their journey with education. Set aside time to research different adoption agencies, attorney adoptions, open or closed adoptions, services, and resources.

Step 2: Meeting with an adoption professional

Following your initial research, typically birth parents choose to meet with an adoption professional who can help answer any extra questions you may have. This can help you confirm whether or not adoption is the right choice for you and for your baby. Catholic Charities’ AdoptNOLA program offers a variety of professional adoption services in New Orleans.

Step 3: Creating a customized adoption plan

An AdoptNOLA adoption professional can you help you individualize your adoption plan to fit your needs. This will include deciding on the level of contact you’ll have with adoptive parents, planning your delivery, and more.

Step 4: Placement

After the baby is born, the child will be placed with his or her adoptive parents. Birth parents have legal rights when it comes to placement; our adoption professional will work closely with birth parents to help them navigate legal rights and make decisions such as whether or not they would like to be present for the placement.

Step 5: Post-adoption services

Our agency staff is here to help birth parents even after an adoption is complete. Adoption is an emotional process, and we offer support services to birth parents during what can often be a difficult time.

Adoptive Parent Adoption Services

Prospective parents looking to provide children with a loving, safe home can benefit from a range of services including:

  • Education and information on the adoption process
  • Application assistance and placement services
  • Home study
  • Post-adoption support services

Read about the process for adoptive parents here.

Open Adoption Information

Open adoptions mean that birth parents and adoptive parents can work together to determine how closely they would like to be in contact throughout the adoption process. This could include meetings both before and after the birth of the child. At Catholic Charities, we believe that open adoptions have many benefits for everyone involved, including the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child. Read about a few benefits of open adoption below:

Benefits for Birth Parents

  • Enables birth parents to choose an appropriate adoptive couple
  • Allows for a relationship between birth and adoptive parents prior to the child’s birth
  • Allows birth parents to have ongoing contact with their child
  • Birth parents will know their child’s whereabouts as they grow
  • Provides confirmation to birth parents that their child is being cared for in a loving environment

Benefits for Adoptive Parents

  • Allows adoptive parents to provide their child with a connection to his or her birth parents
  • Allows adoptive parents the experience of being a part of the child’s life during the pregnancy process
  • Allows adoptive parents to help their child learn about and contact their birth parents when the child is old enough

Benefits for the Child

  • Alleviates painful, unanswered questions a child may have about why he or she was adopted
  • Helps answer simple questions for a child such as, “Who do I look like?”
  • Helps a child comprehend his or her adoption story and the terms of the adoption


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