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Therapeutic Family Services

Open your heart, open your home.

Therapeutic Family Services (TFS) matches children with moderate to severe emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems, or medically fragile children with families who provide specialized foster care. Children are referred through the Department of Children and Family Services. TFS also trains and supports prospective foster parents.

Our Foster Families

Foster families provide a temporary home for children whose parents cannot care for them. The goal is to reunite these children with their families. If that is not possible, we will find a permanent home, preferably with the foster family.

Foster families play a vital role in the lives of these children and their families. They provide guidance and support in a safe, stable environment. The foster family provides for basic daily needs such as food, clothing and shelter. They provide transportation to appointments,
court hearings, and visits with the child’s family, and arrange medical and dental care as well.

Our Foster Children

Children are referred by the Department of Child and Family Services, State of Louisiana, and have sometimes been neglected or physically, sexually or mentally abused. These children can be angry, resentful and sad, and sometimes take it out on foster parents. Agreeing to be a foster parent means you’ll be working with social workers and a team of professionals who will develop a treatment plan to help reunite the family or find the child a permanent placement. Foster parents must commit to work with the team and the courts to help the child achieve goals set forth.


Become a Foster Parent


Therapeutic foster parents receive a small monthly board rate and salary for each child in their home.

Most importantly, a foster parent must be patient and nurturing with a good support system and a lot of love to give to a child in need. You must recognize that foster care is not a permanent arrangement and that you will become attached, perhaps only to see the child
returned to his or her family. If you have children of your own at home, they will become part of the team and will share toys, space and parents.

As a foster parent, you will be a role model for a troubled child, demonstrate healthy family
relationships and give your foster child an opportunity to heal and grow. You’ll celebrate holidays, birthdays and milestones with your foster child. The challenges are many, but the rewards are great.


Application Process

Although this is can be a lengthy process, our staff will be here to assist you along the way. We provide guidance and support throughout the process. A home study must be completed for all prospective foster homes. In order to complete the home study, the following will be needed:

For questions and more information on becoming a foster parent with Therapeutic Family Services please contact us at  (504) 310-6939 or email Shacidy Hadley-Bush at


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