Welcome to Lisa Surrency!

Welcome to our new Program Director of Counseling Solutions, Lisa Surrency!

For her new position, Lisa answered some questions about her new role and also offered some advice for people dealing with anxiety due to COVID-19 and advice for National Recovery Month.

Questions about Lisa’s New Role:

Can you talk about what it means to you to have this new position of Program Director of Counseling Solutions?

Well, I am currently enrolled as a doctoral student for Counselor Education and Supervisor, as I have always wanted to be a leader in the field of counseling. I believe as the new Program Director, this will help me be able to guide and be a role model for other counselors, social workers and student interns working within the program. or me, having this position means I can help grow this program and better serve our clientele. For me, having this position means I can help grow this program and better serve our clientele!

How has your previous work in counseling prepared you for this position?

I have been in leadership roles in every previous job I have had.  I believe that working with others and helping support them in the past has helped me understand what makes a good and effective leader.  My previous work has helped shape me into the leader that will serve best int his position as Program Director of Counseling Solutions.  The leadership skills I strive to achieve within the program are communication, trust, support, guidance and advocacy. 

What are you looking forward to as the Program Director of Counseling Solutions at Catholic Charities?

I am looking forward to watching this program grow and become more know by the people of Southeast Louisiana.  I am looking forward to seeing the counselors, social workers and interns continue developing their clinical skills and knowledge of Catholic Charities, as a whole, to understand how to better serve our clients.  I am looking forward to understanding how all the programs of Catholic Charities can collaborate more with each other to serve our communities. 

Lisa Surrency, Counseling Solutions

Questions about Handling Anxiety due to COVID-19:

What is your number 1 piece of advice you are giving clients during these crazy times of COVID-19?

My advice is to remember self-care practices.  Self-care does not mean selfish.  I have to remember this daily! If I am not practicing self-care, than how can I continue to be an active leader for my colleagues and a guide for my clients.  

What advice/recommendations would you tell people to do to handle the anxiety and stress of these times?

I would recommend if someone is experiencing increased anxiety and stress to reach out to a mental health provider.  A mental health provider can support and guide someone with stress and anxiety to manage symptoms and develop coping skills to handle this emotions. 

My recommendations for Self-care:

  1. Know the difference between positive and negative self-care practices
  2. Be mindful using the five senses (hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, seeing).
  3. Journaling and/or doing a devotional daily.
  4. Being mindful of what you put into your body and on your body (food, lotions, drink, perfumes, etc.).
  5. Spend time with people who promote positivity and let go of those who are always negative.
  6. Take 15 minutes a day to not think about stressors or worries in your life (work, school, finances, etc.).

Advice for National Recovering Month (September):

What advice/recommendations would you make for national recovery month?

My recommendations for someone in recovery during this time, would be attend meetings, reach out to their sponsors and find a mental health provider (social worker or counselor) to speak with.