Mental Health Month with Counseling Solutions

Counseling Solutions Program Director, Doctor Lisa Surrency, spoke about mental health month. With school ending soon, she focused on tips for students and parents to keep children active over the summer.

What would you say to students and their parents who are about to finish school for the year?
The first thing that comes to mind with the school year ending is for parents to keep children on a schedule and routine, maybe not as rigorous as the school year. This will help with that transition when the summer has ended in a few short weeks.

Any tips for parents once summer begins?
For kids to stay active, I would tell parents to enroll them in community-based activities such as sport teams, summer camps, day programs, or possibly a church activity. There are low cost options out there; people will have to search within their community.

  • If a parent stays home with their children, then creating time to interact.  I recommend limiting electronic time and encouraging children to play outside.
  • I go to Pinterest a lot for play therapy activities with my child clients.  I think parents could easily find low-cost or no cost activities for their children.  Art (panting, play-dough, clay, slime) is always a great way to get kids involved in a fun activity.  Bubbles, side walk chalk, shaving cream with food color is fun and not as hard to clean up.  
  •  For the really brave interactive parents, have movie or theater night; the children pick a book and act it out like a movie or this is a great way to get the entire family involved as a neighborhood activity.

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