Health Guardians Helps Client Stay Healthy During COVID-19

Health Guardians has been working with Alphonso Evans, endearingly known by those around him as “Pops,” since he came to the Low-Barrier Shelter over a year ago. Health Guardians staff has been working with him throughout his stay there to make sure he keeps up with all of his medical needs. This has been especially crucial throughout the pandemic, as healthcare has never been more complicated or necessary.

Before COVID took over the world, Health Guardians’ Patient Navigator ensured Pops made it to all his appointments, such as scheduling a Medicaid transport for his monthly primary care visits. The pandemic made attending these appointments impossible, as many primary care clinics started conducting most of their appointments via telehealth. Unfortunately, Pops did not have a phone at the time and had limited interaction with the internet, so it was difficult for him to talk to his doctor. Health Guardians helped Pops navigate these telehealth visits and made sure that he did not skip a beat.

As has been mentioned countless times by public health officials, keeping social interactions to a minimum is crucial for keeping healthy and ending the coronavirus pandemic. Being 81 years old, it has been especially important for Pops to follow the guidelines. This made picking up his prescription medication a hazardous affair. Health Guardians made sure that Pops was always up to date with his medicine and even paid for the medications that were not covered by his insurance.

March 2021, Health Guardians, client Pops

Pops ran into another pandemic-related roadblock early in the pandemic when hospitals cancelled most of their “non-essential” clinic appointments. Pops had a Neurology appointment last April that he had been awaiting for months. He had a stroke 5 years ago and still has problems with his right arm as a result. With the pandemic in full swing, his appointment was cancelled and there was no telling when he would have it rescheduled. Though it took some time, he was finally able to see a Neurologist at the end of last year and has started physical therapy.

Most importantly to Pops, Health Guardians helped him with scheduling and coordinating the administration of his COVID-19 vaccinations.  Health Guardians ensured Pops had transportation provided for both doses in a timely manner.

In Pops words, “I can rest a little easier for the coming months, until I move into my own apartment”!

Pops has been one of the most grateful clients the Health Guardians team has ever worked with.  Pops’ appreciation has been endless and has been just what he needed to keep pushing forward through such tough times.

March 2021, Health Guardians, client with staff