Food for Families/Food for Seniors: More Than Just a Box

Published on March 2, 2016

Food for Families/Food for Seniors is about more than just giving a box of food to participants and sending them on their merry way. We also team up with other organizations to educate seniors on nutrition, cooking safety and techniques. Emelia Clement, a nutritionist at the LSU AgCenter, visited some of the senior centers to put on a cooking and tasting demonstration.

Food for Families/Food for Seniors

Emelia Clement and Letrica Wells

Salmon patties were the delicacy of the day at the Central City Senior Center. The salmon, bran flakes cereal and milk that are often included in the monthly commodity boxes were used to make this tasty delight. Afterwards, Emelia passed out recipes and other nutritional information. The center’s director, Letrica Wells, has opened her doors to the AgCenter, inviting them to return with more informative and demonstrative lessons in the future.