Women’s History Month and CCANO Board Leadership

Catholic Charities’ Board of Directors includes many woman leaders in the community. This Woman’s History Month, we would like to highlight one of the nine amazing women on our Board.

Board members Teresa Lawrence  shared her journey as we highlight strong women this month. 

 Teresa Lawrence, President and Owner at Delta Personnel, first came to the United States from Cuba on February 7, 1973.  When she arrived to Miami and received clothing and food from a group of volunteers from Catholic Charities.  When they left Miami, they landed in New Orleans. 

Teresa says, “Catholic Charities has touched so many people and provided positive change when times seem the darkest, and in the most unexpected ways – like magic. I am proud to be part of this amazing organization whose mission to elevate care and educate and an entire diverse community of the people. 

Catholic Charities serves everyone – no matter where they come from and at what point of their lives they need the most help.  ”

March 2021 Board of Directors, Teresa Lawrence