ACCESS Eases Pregnancy Concerns

Pregnancy is an exciting time full of nursery preparations, gender reveals and showers, and shopping for baby items. However, it can also bring feelings of anxiousness and concern. At ACCESS Pregnancy and Referral Center, trained client advocates recognize the financial, personal and family concerns that are often experienced by expecting mothers. These advocates are trained to help both during and after pregnancy with individualized support, counseling and referrals for any pregnancy-related needs.

Ashley Sinceno experienced this roller coaster of emotions first-hand. After learning she was pregnant about a year ago, she instantly became concerned about her new future. Then, she came across the ACCESS mobile unit out on its daily route and decided to schedule an appointment. Ashley boarded the mobile unit a few days later and was greeted by a friendly staff of trained professionals ready to help however they could.

First, Ashley was administered a pregnancy test. Once her pregnancy was confirmed, the staff began working closely with her to ensure all of her needs and her baby’s needs were met over the next nine months and beyond. ACCESS offers a full range of pregnancy education including nutrition, parenting, childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care. Staff members can also offer referrals for additional services such as counseling. All services offered are free and confidential.


Ashley Sinceno and her daughter Macey Lynn

For Ashley, the mobile unit was convenient, and she appreciated the one-on-one attention and support that the staff gave her throughout her pregnancy. The confidentiality experienced at ACCESS also made Ashley feel more at ease seeking help. She commented, “ACCESS is a great resource, and I hope they continue to be there for other women with situations like mine.”

Ashley continues to visit ACCESS once a month to pick up diapers for her daughter, Macey Lynn, who is now two months old. ACCESS operates a Diaper Bank, which allows families to pick up a supply of diapers and wipes once a month to help defray the cost of raising a newborn. Catholic Charities’ Director of Pro-Life Services, Michelle Black, shared, “It is a privilege to walk with clients like Ashley throughout the journey of pregnancy and to be able to continue offering support through the diaper bank program as she adjusts to life with her beautiful new baby.”

In addition to the mobile unit, ACCESS also has a stationary location in Metairie where clients can receive resources and services. To learn more about the services offered by ACCESS and view the mobile unit’s current schedule, please visit ACCESS Pregnancy Services.