A Double Blessing at Thanksgiving One Year Later An Adoption Services Update

Jayme Scharfenstein and Matthew McDaniel both have always wanted to raise a family and here is their story.

We started “trying” soon after we got married. After a year of no results, we sought medical advice and learned that having a biological child was unlikely. This was tough for both of us at first. We discussed the different options of how to have a family and decided to grow our family through adoption. We began the adoption process with Catholic Charities in January of 2020 and were blessed to be selected by expectant parents of twins (with about three weeks notice)! We were terrified, thrilled and completely unaware of what to expect. We so deeply wanted to be parents and felt beyond blessed to be able to adopt even one child, much less two.

The weeks leading up to the babies’ birth were a whirlwind. Thanks to family, friends and very generous co-workers, we were showered with anything and everything we could possibly need. Having the Adoption Services staff, Cindy and Danna, prepare and support us every step of the journey was extremely helpful. Most of our worries faded away when we met our sweet babies for the first time.

The first few weeks of parenting the twins were definitely challenging, but we slowly developed our own routine. The number one piece of advice we received from other parents of twins was to “keep them on the same schedule!” So we did our best to follow that plan. Although it wasn’t easy to feed two babies at once or put two babies to sleep at once, it was wonderful advice and helped us tremendously.

We were never able to get too comfortable with a schedule for long because something would always change. Once the babies could sit up on their own, it was time for solid food and a new routine. It has been so much fun to watch Charles and Murphy grow and learn to do new things like crawling, standing, taking steps and feeding themselves. Also our dog has enjoyed how much food ends up on the floor.

This first year of raising twins has truly been the best year of our lives. We know there have been very difficult moments but we seem to forget about them anytime one of the twins laugh at the other or clap for one another when they learn to do something new. Whenever people tell us, “I don’t know how you do it with twins,” we always respond with, “We don’t know any different!” It’s true, this is all we know and we will never forget how blessed we are to have been chosen to be their parents.


For more information on Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans Adoption Services go to: adoptnola.com