Foster Grandparents

Foster Grandparents

Foster Grandparents are role models, mentors, and friends to children with exceptional needs. The program provides a way for low-income seniors age 55 and over to stay active through volunteer service with children and youth in their communities.

Foster Grandparents provide their life experience, wisdom, love and attention to encourage, tutor and mentor children and troubled teens in a variety of settings such as schools, Head Start and day care centers.

The Foster Grandparent Program is part of Senior Corps, which is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service.


Become a Foster Grandparent

When you volunteer, you’re not just helping others—you’re helping yourself! Studies show that volunteering helps you live longer and promotes a positive outlook on life. If you’re 55 or older and want to share your experience and compassion, you have what it takes to be a Foster Grandparent!

Foster Grandparents serve between 15-25 hours per week. Some seniors receive a small stipend and help with transportation. In addition, they receive pre-service orientation, training, and supplemental accident and liability insurance while on duty.

For more information please contact us at 504-310-6882.


Benefits of Serving as a Foster Grandparent

After just one year of service with Senior Corps:

  • Nearly half of volunteers reported improved health and well-being.
  • More than one third of volunteers initially reporting good health reported improved health.
  • Almost two thirds of volunteers reported a decrease in feelings of isolation.
  • 67% of volunteers who first reported they often lack companionship reported improved social connections.
  • 70% of volunteers who initially reported five or more symptoms of depression reported fewer symptoms.
  • 63% of volunteers who initially reported three or four symptoms of depression reported fewer symptoms.


What our Foster Grandparents Say

I’m retired and I just wanted to give back to my community. I love working with the children. –  Barbara August

“I love being a Foster Grandparent. This program keeps me moving and healthy at 93. I don’t know what I would do if I stayed home every day.” Emily Manuel

“Seeing the joy in the children’s eyes is what brings me to this program. I love working with the children every day.” Juanita Martin

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