Training for Financial Health

 Just like building muscles with weights and cardio, our financial health needs to be exercised as well, but through education and training. Catholic Charities’ Money Matters program in St. Charles Parish is a financial gym for participants to work out knowledge and skills regarding budgeting, credit scores, and how to open checking and savings accounts. Funded by the United Way of St. Charles, Money Matters provides individuals with financial assistance for training to advance their workforce skills and develop a fit financial life.

After hearing about Money Matters’ CNA class from a friend at work, René Markey was immediately excited by the prospect of becoming a certified nursing assistant to advance her career. René says, “I could hardly wait to get started! I have always wanted to take a CNA class but never had the money to pay for the training. I figured that having the certification would help me get a more stable job with an agency or facility.”

Sherry Rhodes, Money Matters Case Manager, was incredibly helpful through each step of the process, watching as René flourished. “While I was the oldest student in my CNA class, I enjoyed it and did not have problems with the training materials. I am proud of myself – I had a 94 average for the 3 tests I took,” René shares. Now engaged in the Financial Boot Camp where she is learning how to manage her finances, Rene reflects, “I would like to thank Catholic Charities and Ms. Sherry for giving me the opportunity to get the CNA training I have always wanted.”

Through partnerships, Money Matters also assists clients with employment, housing, SNAP applications, Medicaid enrollment, budget counseling, and more. All of these services result with CCANO clients graduating from the program with a strong financial future.