Success at Ciara Independent Living

CCANO’s Independent Living is an independent living apartment complex for single adults with mental disabilities and throughout the years has been a warm and loving home for countless individuals like Harold. We first met Harold after he was first referred to our Health Guardians program because of his history of overuse of the emergency room and a lack of primary care.  He was living in an uninhabitable apartment and came home one day to find his windows and doors boarded up. He was evicted on the spot. From there, Health Guardians stepped in and assisted in transitioning him into Ciara Independent Living where he not only found housing but also a community of support and care. Over the past year and a half, Harold has received assistance with independent living skills, navigating the health care system, and transportation to doctors’ appointments, as well as access to the monthly food pantry.

After living at Ciara, Harold now understands the importance of primary and specialty care.  His emergency room visits have ceased, and his quality of life has improved immensely. He has been very active in Ciara’s wellness and support groups along with monthly community meals. Harold has always had a positive attitude and is very eager to find employment and live independently. Since being at Ciara, he feels more empowered and has the support that he needs to succeed. Harold says, “I feel better. I feel like I got away from all the negativity. I can relax now that my physical health has improved.”

Ciara Independent Living connected Harold to Christopher Inn where he will be moving soon. He will continue receiving health care services from UMC and Daughters of Charity, and Ciara has set him up with long-term supportive services to make sure that he continues to succeed.  Harold, along with his family, is very grateful for the support and resources that he has received to get him back on his feet. He has enjoyed his time at Ciara and plans to stay connected to the program and the lifelong friends he has made here. The beauty of Ciara House is that residents are always welcome to stay connected to the program and community. Brittany Simmons, Ciara House Program Director, shares, “Harold has been a joy to have as a resident and has been a sense of a strength and encouragement to everyone at Ciara.”

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