Caring for the Vulnerable: Padua Community Services

Freddie Dorsey smiles with his daughter Jordan on the oak-lined boardwalk at Padua House in  Belle Chasse. Jordan giggles and gives the most joyous smile as her dad rubs her back and gives her a kiss on the cheek. As often happens during the summer months in South Louisiana, suddenly the skies begin to gray and a rumble of thunder is heard in the distance. Freddie pushes his daughter’s wheelchair back toward Padua House as the first few sprinkles of rain start to make it through the oak covered walk way. It was a nice, but brief trip for some fresh air before the afternoon storm.

Freddie makes it a point to try and visit his daughter daily at Padua House, a residential facility of Padua Community Services which provides a home and specialized care to persons with disabilities. She has been a resident at Padua House for over 8 years.

The staff that takes care of the kids has been great. I know I couldn’t do this without their help.

“When she was born, seeing her in the hospital was hard,” Freddie said. “They didn’t think she was going to make it. We just prayed for her. The doctors told us she wouldn’t live past 3, then 7, then 15. She’ll be 26 this year.”

Jordan has Cerebral Palsy and was born with a hole in her skull. At Padua House, the staff provides the 24-hour care Jordan needs. During the weekday, Jordan attends
New Directions Adult Day Health Care Center, a Padua facility providing daily socialization and recreation for persons with disabilities. She always has a big smile when a visitor stops by.

This year, Padua Community Homes and Padua House provided a home for 57 vulnerable adults and children. Padua Community Services In-Home Care provided 74,139 hours of care to persons with disabilities in their homes.

Jordan was at a facility for children in Shreveport until she aged out of that program. Luckily, there was an opening at Padua House. Freddie is relieved
knowing his daughter is able to continue to get the care she needs into adulthood. Padua House is also closer to the Dorsey family home which allows for more visits and more time together. “Everybody in the family is able to see her now by the convenience of this location,” Freddie said.

Due to her delicate condition, Jordan continues to experience sporadic, sometimes life-threatening complications. With the help of Padua Community Services and
faith in God’s plan for Jordan, Freddie said, “I know that life decisions are left to the Big Man above, so I count on that. I just do everything I can do for Jordan while I’m here and while she’s with me. Whatever happens, I’ll never have to say, ‘I wish I could have done this for her’.”

He appreciates the security knowing that Jordan is being well taken care of at Padua House.