Sharing Our Gifts

Dear Friend of Catholic Charities,

This month, we are highlighting Catholic Charities staff members who have used God-given gifts to uncover the preexisting but hidden gifts of their clients. Witnessing this work every day reminds me of the bible verse, “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” Romans 12:6

Recently, we convened an internal focus group to address homelessness and housing in the greater New Orleans area. CCANO staff members from Bethlehem Housing, Health Guardians, Workforce Development, Immigration and Refugee Services, Parish Community Ministry, Voyage House, and Prison Reentry services each brought a special set of abilities to the table in their respective fields. Together, though, we were able to discuss a much more comprehensive approach to addressing the complex causes of homelessness and the needs of our clients from a variety of angles and perspectives. This meeting reminded me of the richness and diversity of our staff’s talents.

These staff members do not waste their skills but instead employ them to empower their clients to uncover strengths that they already possessed or new gifts they never knew they had. It takes everyone’s abilities combined to create meaningful change, and no one person possesses everything needed to enrich our community. This is the beauty of Catholic Charities’ wrap around services.

As you read the following stories of hope, I encourage you to reflect on your gifts and how you can share them with the world.


God Bless You,

Sister Marjorie Hebert