How Does Head Start Help Parents and Families?

When a child enrolls in our Head Start and Early Head Start programs, the parents and whole family also benefits.

Head Start is about more than preschool and early education. We know that the first few years are critical, but that a parent’s role in shaping a child will last a lifetime. That’s why the social services and parental involvement components of the Head Start program are so vitally important.

Education Benefits For Parents

Many parents who enroll their children in Head Start also receive educational services themselves. We have assisted many of our parents in obtaining their GEDs and enrolling in college classes. Some parents also take our English as a Second Language classes and receive guidance on the path to citizenship.

Parents also receive education about child rearing, as well as job training. Each family is different, so depending on individual needs, parents and other family members may also be referred to medical, social welfare or employment specialists for services.

When a child enrolls in our Head Start and Early Head Start programs, the parents and whole family also benefits.

How Involving Parents Benefits Children

Parents who are involved in Early Head Start and Head Start programs are more likely to offer stimulating home environments than other at-risk parents. Head Start parents read more with their children, use less physical punishment and have higher levels of self-sufficiency.

The parents who work with us through Head Start programs invest more time in learning activities with their children, and they are also more likely to increase their own educational levels during their children’s early years. Not only that, non-resident fathers who take part in Head Start spend more days per month with their children.*

Learn More and Support Our Head Start Programs

The importance of Head Start and Early Head Start programs cannot be overstated. These programs have a lasting, positive impact on children and families in our communities who are most at-risk. Donate today, and help us give these families a chance at a better life.

If you think your family may qualify for Head Start, learn more about our New Orleans Head Start locations and enrollment requirements.

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