Honoring Veterans at Greenwalt Adult Day Health Center

“Too blessed to be stressed” is Mr. Butler’s motto. Each time he walks into Greenwalt Adult Day Health Center, he quotes this as he greets staff and other participants. His easy going and laid-back personality is apparent the second you meet him. Mr. Butler loves to socialize and talk about his past. One of his favorite memories is being in the Army and serving overseas in Germany.

Born in 1939, Mr. William Durant Butler joined the army at the age of 17. He completed six months of basic training at Fort Hood in Texas and served for three years in Frankfort, Germany. During his time there, he learned to speak the language and is fluent to this day. He enjoys practicing his German with staff and fellow participants at Greenwalt Adult Day Health Care. After serving, he worked as a chef at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and loves to share stories about how he can make the best steak in town.

Mr. Butler speaks often of how he would like to go back to Germany and of his beloved daughter Kim. The staff and participants at Greenwalt truly appreciate Mr. Butler and his charming, outgoing demeanor. We thank Mr. Butler for his service and for sharing so much love and kindness with everyone he meets!

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