Bethlehem Housing Success Story

Lovly & Brian’s story

Brian and Lovly had just celebrated with family the upcoming birth of baby Lacey then the very next day  Lovly and Brian were involved in a terrible car accident in New Orleans East. Lovly was 8 months pregnant.

Brian says, Lovly’s father was a true inspiration to him. Mr. Melvin introduced Brian into his business and really brought out Brian’s passion for working on vehicles. Mr. Melvin owned several shops and Brian apprenticed with him learning many valuable lessons not only about working on cars but about taking care of responsibilities.  Sadly, Mr. Melvin was diagnosed with Cancer and died.

Hurricane Ida was another tremendous blow to this young couple who had been blessed with a miracle baby but were now truly on the verge of homelessness.

Lacy was born with H.I.E. (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy) which is a non-specific term for brain dysfunction caused by lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Her medical needs are top priority for Lovly and Brian and require many hospital visits, doctors’ visits and tests to learn how best to treat Lacy.

Many months ago while looking at all available options for their family, Lovly received information about Catholic Charities. She reached out by sending an inquiry thru the website and was amazed at the timeliness of the call from Bethlehem Housing director, Trinna Stanford. “It really was the perfect time as we were having issues with where to live.” Trinna immediately expedited the process to get this young family into a hotel and safe.  Bethlehem Housing Case Worker, Ashley Shields was assigned to continue to assist and move them from crisis to stable. “Our lives have greatly improved since we got involved with Catholic Charities,” says Lovly “in fact I have great news I am registered to start pharmacy tech school in about a month.”  After thinking about where to go next and what to pursue, Lovly just felt she wanted to work in a field that is close to her heart and home which is the care of Lacey. She’s learned so much just in working with various doctors, occupational, physical and speech therapist for her daughter that she felt it was the direction she’d like to go for her future career.

At this point, Brian has a full-time position with a national auto glass company that he is very pleased with, Lovly is doing well and Lacy is growing and surprising everyone with how much fight she has in her heart and soul to achieve more than her diagnosis suggests. Ultimately Lovly’s dream is to be able to build her own home with all the needed ramps and space so that Lacy will have a safe, beautiful space to live happily.