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Statement from Archbishop Aymond on Recent Violence

“Let there be peace on Earth”
A Statement from Archbishop Gregory Aymond on Recent Violence
July 8, 2016

The deadly shootings in Baton Rouge, LA, Falcon Heights, MN, and Dallas, TX, the stabbing in Kenner, LA and the deadly attack in Orlando last month are heartbreaking and cause fear among us. We must pray for those whose lives have been taken and for their families.

We live in a time of great violence and terrorism. Terrorism is rooted in hate and not only caused by international forces, but we in the United States are experiencing terrorist attacks against one another.

Let us pray:

Merciful God, forgive us for the disrespect we show for human life. Lead us to be wise and patient enough to deal with conflict through words and prayer – not with guns or through violence.

May those who have died have life in your kingdom. Grant comfort and peace to their families. Please take from me any hatred and violence in my heart. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

We ask this in the name Jesus, the Prince of Peace.