PACE Greater New Orleans Re-Opens after Closing for COVID-19

After more than a year away, residents returned to PACE Greater New Orleans (Program of All-Inclusive care for the elderly in the Greater New Orleans area) on Tuesday, May 11.  They were welcomed back with music from Brass Band, remarks from Sister Marjorie Hebert; a blessing from COO Deacon Martin Gutierrez and lesson and music from Big Chief Mardi Gras Indian!

PACE Greater New Orleans gives each participant the opportunity to socialize and get all their healthcare needs met in one location in the Greater New Orleans area with a holistic care plan designed especially for them.  PACE services include in-home care, rehab programs, senior nutritional counseling, pastoral care, nursing care and free transportation to and from their place of residence and more!

For more information about PACE, visit here or call 504-835-0006 or TOLL FREE at 833-726-3466.