Give a Gift from the Heart this Christmas!

Published on December 3, 2013

Sure, you could buy your sister that Christmas sweater with the applique reindeer on it, but how about a gift that shows the true meaning of the Christmas spirit and one that she definitely won’t want to return! Make a gift to Catholic Charities in the name of a loved one and we’ll let them know you gave a gift from the heart in their honor!

Check out our Catholic Charities Holiday Wish List!

Make a $20 gift (or more!) to programs on our  Givezooks! Holiday Wish List and help us raise $500 or more for each ministry. Funds will provide much needed support to keep these life-giving programs going strong!

Give a gift and help support expectant moms, families in crisis, children, the disabled, the elderly and more through programs like: ACCESS Pregnancy, Domestic Violence Services, Youth Education Services, Padua Community Services and Cornerstone Builders! It’s easy and it can make a world of difference to someone in need!

Thank you for your generosity  throughout this blessed time of year!