Father’s Day at Bethlehem Housing

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, grandfathers and father figures!

Bethlehem Housing honors client, Duavanall Bridges, this Father’s Day. 

2021 Bethlehem Housing, Father's Day


Duavanall Bridges is the father of a 5-year-old son. He began his journey as a single parent in the year of 2016.  His son was born in the year of 2015.  His child’s mother was suffering with a drug addiction; therefore, Mr. Bridges took parenting into his own hands until the child’s mother was able to recover. 

In the latter part of 2020, the child’s mother recovered from her drug addiction and the two have been cooperatively co-parenting.  Mr. Bridges said that it is a joy to have the child’s mother back in their lives even though she lives separately from his household. 

Mr. Bridges said in the beginning it started-out very hard and he wanted to note that it is just as hard for a man to be a single parent as it is for a woman. 

He also said that even though the journey was hard, help came in along the way. 

Mr. Bridges gives his highest praise to God, “I am so thankful for my support system, which is his grandparents and I am truly grateful for Bethlehem Housing for assisting me with not only finding a home for myself and my son, but for providing rental assistance because I live on a fixed income.”

Ashley Shields at Bethlehem Housing says, “I have been working with Mr. Bridges for a little over a month now since I started with Bethlehem Housing. I can see that Mr. Bridges does a very good job as a father and puts his kids first.”

  Mr. Bridges said, “It is an honor to be honored by the agency,” and he is so very, very grateful!”


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