Counseling Solutions’ Tips for World Health Day

This World Health Day, Catholic Charities’ Counseling Solutions Program Director, Lisa Surrency, focuses on mental health tips, especially in response to COVID-19.  

I think for World Health Day it is important for people to realize a few things with behavioral and mental health.

One thing this pandemic has done is caused most of the World to isolate for very long periods of time. Isolation is not good for anyone, we need human interactions.

Now that the weather is feeling more like Spring, people can get outside more. Being in nature is a great coping skill that I utilized often.

Take pets outside for walks, play with your children in the yard, plant a garden (fruits, vegetables, or flowers), take a book and read by the Lakefront or any body of water.

The tip I would say the most to people, reach out to someone you haven’t heard from in awhile! Make sure they are ok and to refresh your soul. Relationships (no matter spouse, sibling, parent, friends, etc.) is the most important thing in life and it seems people have lost a lot of those recently.

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