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Catholic Campaign for Human Development Addresses Northshore Poverty through Housing Project

Published on November 2, 2015

Marking the first time CCHD funds have been granted to address poverty on the Northshore, the local Catholic Church is mobilizing parishioners to assist those in need through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) second collection on November 21st and 22nd. Altogether, funds raised through the local collection will benefit four projects that directly address the root causes of poverty in the Metro New Orleans area.

The Northshore Housing Initiative Community Land Trust, a first-time CCHD grantee, is working to alleviate St. Tammany’s 10.4% poverty rate through the development of affordable workforce housing, which will employ low-income construction workers to build homes for low to moderate income families.

“Addressing poverty with a multi-faceted approach – creating jobs and making homeownership accessible – is the most effective way to address the needs of the poor in our community,” says Tom Costanza, Division Director for Catholic Charities. “Through funding the Northshore Housing Community Trust, we are helping to create 75 construction jobs and provide housing for 24 families.”

”The community land trust model creates permanently affordable housing, while making homeownership possible for moderate income workers,” says Shawn Macomber, President of the Board of Directors at Northshore Housing Initiative. “The community land trust purchases the land, and the homebuyer purchases the house and leases the land from the trust. The lease includes a resale provision that ensures affordability for the next buyer and for generations to come.”

Other New Orleans-based programs funded through CCHD grants are The Micah Project and Families and Friend of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children, which both work to address mass incarceration through youth development, and the New Orleans Master Crafts Guild, which offers an apprenticeship program for young people to develop job skills.

“The CCHD has been successful in empowering Louisiana communities to break the cycle of poverty,” Costanza reflects. “We look forward to continuing the campaign and addressing our neighbors in need on the Northshore.”

All funds raised through the local second collection are sent to the CCHD national office to be regranted after an extensive review process back to the local community. To learn more about the CCHD, call (504) 874-7829 or visit