Transitioning Back Into the Workforce

A true strength of CCANO is the depth and breadth of our services. If a participant connects with us through our homeless and housing program, we can much more easily refer them to education for their children through Head Start, mental health services through Counseling Solutions, and career readiness through Integrated Workforce Services to address any and all needs. When Doug, Parish and Community Ministries staff member, met Regina she demonstrated a strong desire to be a role model for her five children and provide for her family. He was then able to connect her to CCANO’s Integrated Workforce Services.

By enrolling in the CCANO Transition to Success Pilot, Regina was eligible for extra coaching and a pool of developmental funding. This plus her continued relationship with Doug meant that she was on the road to success. He still keeps in touch with Regina and is a source of accountability, encouraging her ambition to re-enter the workforce and motivation to keep up with job appointments. Additionally, Regina started working with Andrew Romaner of Integrated Workforce Services at the same time CCANO began collaborating with City Sightseeing of New Orleans, an employer referral initiated by Carol Fascio from New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries. 

City Sightseeing was looking for new candidates for front line roles in their operations like tour bus drivers, tour guides, and ticket sales. Andrew helped Regina develop a new resume to submit to the hiring manager at City Sightseeing. Friendly and outgoing, Regina immediately attracted attention as a strong candidate for a sales position. Only two weeks into her job search, she was offered the position, which included base pay and the opportunity to earn commissions.  She has been employed at City Sightseeing for almost six months now, drawing consistent praise for her work. Consequently, this steady income has reduced her family’s dependence on public assistance programs. While transitioning back into the workforce can be intimidating, Regina is proud to be earning an income, and we are proud to be a part of her journey.

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