Summertime at Catholic Charities

From the desk of Sr. Marjorie Hebert, MSC | Written by Ashley Bellant | July 2016 |

The long days of summer are here and while the heat and humidity signify to many a time of vacation, relaxation, a time to take things slow – the same cannot be said for us here at Catholic Charities. From our summer SERVE (Students Engaging in Reflective Volunteer Experiences) volunteer sessions for youth to our ongoing work in the aftermath of tornadoes and flooding affecting LaPlace and the North Shore, we continue our mission to serve those in need.

July also marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for our organization. It is during this time that we wrap up and put away the data of the last fiscal year. We also calculate our service numbers from the past year; volunteer hours served, number of clients served or the total value of items and goods donated, for example. It is always gratifying to see the many hours we have collectively dedicated to helping those in need and even more impressive to total the number of lives you all have enabled us to touch. While I am proud of the work we have accomplished and excited to share these final numbers, it is important to remember that numbers on a page aren’t the heart of who we are as an agency. It is the “one” – the individual that we are serving, the smile we are able to give someone in need, the hand we are able to hold when someone feels lost or forgotten – that truly makes these number impactful. This impact would not be possible without the support we receive in the form of your time, your gifts, monetary or otherwise, and your prayers.

Each one of those numbers represents a unique story, and I for one, feel so blessed that Catholic Charities is a positive part of those stories. As we begin a new chapter, please join us in prayer for renewed energy and give thanks for the community of people looking out for one another and serving those in need as Jesus instructed us to do.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, continue to watch over us during this hurricane season! We pray God’s blessings upon those we serve, our donors who give graciously and generously, our volunteers who are our partners in ministry and the energized staff who compassionately serve!