Reflections of a Head Start Graduate

At last month’s St. John the Baptist Head Start transition event, fifty eager young learners fidgeted with their caps and gowns as they listened to the wise words of their commencement speaker Elise Barnes, a Head Start graduate about to start her first year of high school. Looking out over the crowd of family members, teachers, and staff who were all rooting for the students, Elise shared:

“The time I spent at Louise Head Start helped to build a strong foundation of education that I have since built upon. The supportive, loving environment at Head Start allowed me to be creative, inquisitive, and independent. This environment gave me the confidence to be myself and explore the things I loved, such as dance and theatre. These interests have lead me to New Orleans Creative Arts High School where I will be an incoming freshman next year.

I say to all of the graduates today to continue to build on the education and personal interests you have gained at Head Start. Continue to explore the world around you, continue to have fun with learning, and continue to work hard. This will be the first graduation of many to come. You will gain so much new knowledge with each new school year and each graduation. With the love of family, the support of teachers old and new, and a belief in yourself, there is no limit to the places you will go.”

We are excited for our Head Start alumni and current students to excel in their futures and for this recent ceremony to be the first of many graduations in their lives. Learn more about Catholic Charities Head Start centers here.