More Than a Number

Dear Friends of Catholic Charities,

Summer may seem like a time to relax, but we at CCANO have been busy. From high school students participating in S.E.R.V.E. (Students Engaging in Reflective Volunteer Experiences) to our Head Start staff preparing for another fruitful year of learning, we are fulfilling our mission to serve those most in need in our community.

While January 1st is typically considered the start of the year, for many, August marks the beginning of a new period as the summer ends and school begins. As a former teacher and principal for Catholic schools, I cannot help but think of this time as a fresh start. In this month’s newsletter, we are highlighting stories of emerging professionals, new programs, and young clients. 

Summer is also the mark of CCANO’s new fiscal year. While wrapping up our previous year’s data, it is gratifying to see the impact we have made in such tangible terms of volunteer hours, amount of clients served, and the number of lives we have touched through your generous donations. However, these numbers are not as meaningful as the individuals we serve and their personal stories of struggle, hope, and resilience. We share their experiences so that you can get to know and love them as we have. 

Join me in praying for renewed energy and giving thanks for our ability to care for each other in this season of beginnings.


God bless you,

Sr. Marjorie Hebert, M.S.C.