Money Matters Offers Brighter Futures

Published on March 20, 2018 

Generously funded by United Way of St. Charles, Catholic Charities’ Money Matters Financial Stability program provides financial education classes to help individuals in St. Charles Parish become more aware of their financial situation. The program helps participants develop budgeting skills, open checking and savings account and learn about credit scores.

Along with financial education, the program provides minimal financial assistance for training to those who may want to enhance their skills in order to gain better employment, leading to self-sufficiency.

Through partnerships with other local agencies, the Money Matters program, can help with needs like employment, housing, SNAP applications, Medicaid enrollment, clothing, budget counseling, referrals for mental health services, services for battered women and more.

Four single women came to Sherry Rhodes, a Catholic Charities case manager in St. Charles Parish, and told her they wanted to improve their financial situations not only for themselves, but also for their families and their futures. They wanted to train for better jobs in order to make more money.

The Money Matters Financial Stability program was able to offer them financial assistance that allowed them to enroll in Life Care’s CNA (certified nursing assistant) program. Thanks to the aid they received from the Money Matters program, all four women are now registered CNAs in the state of Louisiana!