In Giving, We Receive

Dear Friends of Catholic Charities,

In October, we celebrate the feast of St. Francis who reminds us, “It is in giving that we receive.” So often, we are told to acquire more –a larger salary, a bigger house, a new car, etc. However, this quest to attain a powerful appearance can be harmful, leading to a spiritual emptiness. In giving love, forgiveness, and patience, we ultimately receive more – a more peaceful existence, closer relationships, and an improved community. Instead of viewing our resources as limited and hoarding our possessions, giving our spiritual goods multiplies our inner wealth. Those who are more welcoming and loving become richer and more adorned with values.

This is the heart of Catholic Charities. We hear the cry of those in need, and because we care, we respond. The client journeys featured in this month’s newsletter inspire me to continue to give my service to our community. So let us embrace abundance over scarcity, open our hearts, and give to one another. As St. Francis says, “Peace on earth begins with me,” and I encourage you to bring that peace to others!

God bless you and give you peace,
Sr. Marjorie Hebert, M.S.C.