Ciara House Client Excels During Pandemic

Catholic Charities Ciara House provides the chronically homeless and mentally ill with safe, stable housing. Ciara Independent Living is an independent living apartment complex for single adults with mental disabilities.  

Ciara House resident, George Cummins, grew up in the Czech Republic and moved to the United States in 2008.  Beacon Behavioral referred him to Ciara Independent in January 2018.  Since being at Ciara Independent. George has received housing with a community of support and care, case management including assistance with coping, independent living skills and transportation to doctor’s appointments, access to monthly food pantry and he has been active in the wellness and support groups held at Ciara, along with monthly community meals.  When George moved to Ciara Independent, he was a bit shy a reserved, but since he has been at Ciara, he has gained confidence socially and has made many friends while in the program.

Ciara Independent Program Coordinator, Brittany Simmons, works with George and the other residents.  “George has been a joy to have in the program and a great example to the other residents as he continues to meet his goals by pursuing his bachelors in philosophy. His hard work and determination has paid off as he excels in learning other languages and translating philosophical literature in English.”

As the pandemic started, George took a music theory class at Delgado, which led to him taking virtual piano lessons.  This new skill and hobby has been a source of encouragement and positivity during this season of isolation and hardship. 

Brittany spoke about how she has seen George grow. “Since George has been with Ciara, I have seen him grow personally, socially and professionally.  Through his supportive community at Ciara, he has gained confidence and security in himself, which enable him to achieve his goals.  He is now enrolled at Delgado and would like to get a masters and PhD to become a philosophy professor.”

George, along with his family, is very grateful for the support and resources that he has received that has assisted with him getting back on his feet.  He has enjoyed his time at Ciara and has made life-long friends. “I didn’t know what to expect when I was moving to Ciara, but I have gained a sense of security and well-founded trust, which has led me to pursue something I never had the chance to do.  I felt repressed, but being on my own with support, I feel empowered to keep stepping forward towards my many goals.”

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