Announcing CCANO’s New COO: Martin Gutierrez

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Martin Gutierrez to Chief Operating Officer at CCANO starting July 1, 2019. Martin has dedicated the past twenty-two years to supporting CCANO clients and the parishioners of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. After serving as the Director of the Hispanic Apostolate, Martin has advanced as the Director of Immigration and Refugee Services and as a Division Director.

Last summer, Martin was ordained a deacon after five years of intensive preparation and eighteen years of consideration. He says, “I spoke with my wife, Judi, about this and decided that since our three children have established their careers, I could focus on this call.” Martin and Judith first met at the Hispanic Apostolate youth group, and their connection to the church has continued throughout their marriage.

Martin’s oldest son, Martin Alejandro, is a Jefferson Parish Sheriff Deputy married with one daughter and a son on the way. Their daughter Jazmin is studying for her Masters of Counseling at Holy Cross while working for the CYO, and their son, Andrew, was just ordained a priest with his father serving as a deacon for the Archbishop at the Mass.

“I didn’t plan to work for a nonprofit or the church, so at first this was just a job. Then, I fell in love with the mission and realized this was my calling. This is not a career for me; it’s a vocation. I serve at two tables: the altar at mass and the streets of our community. My faith is fed at the altar, which allows me to serve those who are most vulnerable. This faith and service in turn feed each other.”

Martin looks forward to the opportunities and challenges he will face as COO. He explains, “This is a new position, so it will require a lot of flexibility. I plan to meet with all of the Program Directors to determine our priorities in alignment with the Strategic Plan.” Please join us in congratulating Martin on this well-deserved promotion.