The Archbishop Hannan Community Appeal

Mason Couvillon, 2014 Chairperson, reflects on 50 years of the Archbishop Hannan Community Appeal.

Watch reflections from other past Chairpersons:

Anne Milling, 1992 Chairperson

Peter Quirk, 1995 Chairperson

Joe Exnicios, 2005/2006 Chairperson



Thank you to the generous donors who have supported this year’s campaign so far!



The Archbishop Hannan Community Appeal (AHCA), formerly the Archbishop’s Community Appeal (ACA), is an annual, volunteer-driven fundraising campaign which supports the work of Catholic Charities. This year, the AHCA is led by Archbishop Gregory Aymond and 2021 Chairs Jacqueline and Renny Simno.

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Your Gift Stays in Your Community and Helps Those Most in Need

Gifts to the AHCA raise crucial undesignated funds that allow Catholic Charities to respond swiftly, effectively and compassionately in times of crisis or disaster. Your donation means supporting a local charity that best understands local needs. We serve the 8 civil parishes that make up the Archdiocese of New Orleans: Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, St. Charles, St. John, and Washington parishes.


We Deliver Quality Services to Those in Need

Catholic Charities is accredited by the Council of Accreditation, which requires a high standard of service delivery and administration. We are one of only 21 accredited non-profits in Louisiana.


A Long Tradition in New Orleans

The Archbishop’s Community Appeal (ACA) was started in 1965 by Archbishop Philip M. Hannan in the wake of Hurricane Betsy and in response to the overwhelming needs of the poor in New Orleans. In 2012, Archbishop Gregory Aymond and the Catholic Charities Board of Directors renamed this annual giving campaign in memory of Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, its founder, as a way of honoring his life’s legacy of service to the poor in our community.

Today, the campaign raises funds for many of the same needs and challenges still facing our community. We continue to count on our friends and supporters like you for the monies needed to fund the valuable programs of Catholic Charities.

In these uncertain times, our efforts remain the same: through housing, healthcare, education, and emergency response, we are changing lives for the better.


AHCA Volunteer Resource Page>> Volunteers click here to access your resources for this year’s campaign.

AHCA Leadership

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
Archbishop of New Orleans

2021 Chairs

Jacqueline and Renny Simno


Gayle M. Benson Fred J. Lipps, Jr.
Ronald B. Blitch Peter R. Quirk*
Charles P. Carriere IV Michael O. Read*
Brandt J. Dufrene, Jr. Leon J. Reymond, Jr.*


Byron & Shannon Adams* Wayne J. Lee
Roy R. Alberts John B. Levert, Jr.*
David Andignac* Peter F. Maunoir
John C. Arthurs Timothy P. McLanahan
Eleanora Bazile-Brooks Robert L. Menard
John & Mary Jane Becker Demetric M. Mercadel
Mark & Anne Beebe Anne M. Milling*
Jack C. Benjamin, Jr.* Leann O. Moses
Gerald Bologna Shannon Nash
Daniel P. Bourgeois Michael E. Nolan
Joseph C. Canizaro* Lawrence P. Oertling
Anh Cao Frances Omner
A. J. Capritto Kirth M. Paciera
Barbara C. Collura Claiborne Perrilliat, Jr.*
Francis A. Courtenay, Jr. Lynn G. Poché
Mason & Jennifer Couvillon* Beau Read
Robert J. Crifasi Lee C. Reid
Joan B. Cuccia Jean S. Rice
Karen DeBlieux Sharon R. Rodi
Pierre Detiege Brian J. Rotolo
Willard L. Dumas, Jr. Frank E. Schmidt
Joseph S. Exnicios* Timothy J. Sicard
Paul Fine* Fred Sigur, Jr.
Michael R. Fontham* George R. Simno III
Stephen Gelé Renny Simno
Lynne Gibbons Mark J. Spansel*
Mary Beth Green William M. Soniat
JT Hannan* Adrienne Steen
Kathy Hebert William T. Steen
Suzette Herpich Alex L. Suffrin
Ann Heslin Lloyd A. Tate
Cory Howat James C. Thomas
Maria Huete Tommie A. Vassel*
John A. Hummel Eve A. Vavrick
Joan M. Ingram Stafford J. Viator
Lisa M. Johnson Debra Vogel
Mary S. Johnson John J. Weiler
Susan R. Johnson* Madeline Doucet West*
Ronald J. Jung Qiana W. Wiggins
Judith E. Kieff Helen Read Young
Harold J. Lamy  
Betty V. Lauricella*  

*Past Chairperson

Past Chairpersons

Most Rev. Philip M. Hannan, 1966 Robert B. Acomb, Jr., 1993
Harry N. Charbonnet, 1967, 1968 Joseph C. Canizaro, 1994
C.C. Clifton, Jr., 1969, 1970 Peter R. Quirk, 1995
Robert C. McIntyre, 1971 Everett J. Williams, Ph.D., 1996
A. Louis Read, 1972 Michael O. Read, 1997
Charles J. Derbes, Jr., 1973 William Finegan, 1998
Murray C. Fincher, 1973, 1974 Jack C. Benjamin, Sr., 1999
H. Douglas Lowrey, 1974 Claiborne Perrilliat, 2000
Gerard W. Barousse, 1975 Leon J. Reymond, Jr., 2001
Robert L. Pettit, Jr., 1975, 1976 John and Mary Jane Becker, 2002
Frank B. Stewart, Jr., 1975, 1976 John Kallenborn, 2003
G. Frank Purvis, Jr., 1977 Susan Johnson, 2004
William S. “Mike” Smith, Jr., 1978 Joseph Exnicios, 2005, 2006
E. Howard Read, 1979 Robert W. Nuzum, 2007
J. Garic Schoen, 1980 Madeline Doucet West, 2008
Thomas C. Mancini, 1981 Rita Benson LeBlanc, 2009
Maurice J. Hartson, III, 1982 Mark J. Spansel, 2010
Harold S. Dey, 1983 David Andignac, 2011
John B. Levert, Jr., 1984 Byron and Shannon Adams, 2012
Clayton J. Charbonnet, 1985 JT Hannan, 2013
Michael J. Rapier, 1986 Mason and Jennifer Couvillon, 2014
Norman R. Kerth, 1987 Clifton and Elizabeth LeBlanc, 2015
Michael R. Fontham, 1988 Price and Christine LeBlanc, 2015
Betty Lauricella, 1989 Paul Fine, 2016
Elmo. J. Cerise, M.D., 1990 Byron A. Adams, Jr. and Michael O. Read, 2017
Joseph J. Krebs, Jr., 1991 Tommie A. Vassel, 2018
Anne Milling, 1992 Peter and Karen DeBlieux, 2019
  Helen and Tim Young, 2020