domestic violence services in Orleans parish

Project SAVE: Domestic Violence Services

Stopping Abuse through Victim Empowerment

Project SAVE assists survivors of domestic violence residing in Orleans Parish to obtain free emergency legal representation.

Staff attorneys help with legal orders to keep survivors of domestic violence safe and to protect their legal rights. These legal services may include temporary restraining and protective orders, temporary child support, temporary custody, and temporary use of property.

Attorneys may also make referrals to other social services and/or legal agencies as necessary.

Project SAVE Services – What to Expect

Free emergency legal services

Project SAVE has no income requirement.  We help survivors regardless of their income level.

User-friendly appointments

Almost everyone who calls to schedule an appointment has previously obtained their restraining order from the court and has an upcoming hearing.  An appointment is scheduled for them to meet with a Project SAVE attorney – either in person or if preferred, we can instead schedule a phone appointment.  

Our office is conveniently located only one block from Civil District Court in a secure building.  Visitors, whose names were previously submitted to Security by Project SAVE, are given access cards to use the elevators after presenting a photo I.D.  Project SAVE’s office suite has a relaxing, quiet atmosphere.  There is usually only one (or two at the most) visitors at a time, adding to the survivor’s privacy.  

Also, for their convenience, clients are offered curbside service when they are dropping off or picking up documents from our office.

The most experienced domestic violence attorneys in the city of New Orleans

Attorneys Allyson Tuttle and Joan Miller have practiced domestic violence law exclusively for over 20 years.  Over the last five years, they have averaged an incredible 95%  success rate in gaining protection for survivors in cases that go to trial.  


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