Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans. Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans is an equal opportunity employer. In addition to full-time and part-time employment, there are a variety of ways you can take part in our mission of service to the poor and vulnerable. Learn more about volunteering with Catholic Charities. Employment listings are updated weekly. Last Update: August 19, 2016


And/or email resume and cover letter to ccanohr@ccano.org. You can also fax this information to (504) 310-6945. Please include the job title and program in your subject line.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans has openings for the following positions:


LPN (full-time) – The Licensed Practical Nurse provides nursing care to patients in conformance with recognized techniques and procedures, established standards, state regulations and administrative policies. Must be a graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing and posses a current Louisiana license to practice nursing. One year of experience in the field of practical nursing is preferred. This position requires knowledge of patient population. It requires interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

LPN (PRN) – The Licensed Practical Nurse provides nursing care to patients in conformance with recognized techniques and procedures, established standards, state regulations and administrative policies. Must be a graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing and posses a current Louisiana license to practice nursing. One year of experience in the field of practical nursing is preferred. This position requires knowledge of patient population. It requires interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

RN (part-time and full-time) – Must serve on the Interdisciplinary Team and monitor overall health needs of participants.  Serve as liaison between the participant and medical resources. Medication review for each participant monthly and when medication changes occur, evaluate need for lab monitoring, make referrals to the primary care physician as needed.  Determine if medications are properly administered in center, supervise medication administration of participants.  Coordinate in-service training for both staff and participants. RN License /Experience with geriatrics or developmentally disable required.


Assistant Teacher – The Head Start Assistant Teacher works under the supervision of the Head Start Teacher. The Head Start Assistant Teacher assists with organizing classroom space and equipment to meet the individual needs of children enrolled. The Head Start Assistant Teacher assists in planning, with the supervisory staff members activities in all areas reflecting Early Childhood Development practices, which will encourage children to: initiate activities, solve problems, explore, experiment, question and learn by doing. CDA certification or Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Human Services or a related field preferred. Proven proficiency in verbal and written communication skills.

Center Director (St. Paul) – The Head Start/Early Head Start Center Director will oversee the day-to-day operation of the assigned HS/EHS center. The Center Director will provide leadership and supervision to all center staff and serve as a liaison to the central office, parents and community. The Center Director works under the supervision of the School Readiness Coordinator. The Center Director shall be responsible for the daily operations and management of an assigned center including all staff and community/parent involvement. Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or Children Development preferred. Proven proficiency in verbal and written communication Skills.

Director of Early Childhood Education – The Director of Early Childhood Education is responsible for the overall operation and development of the Early Head Start and Head Start programs of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans (CCANO). She/he is accountable for assuring that all the Head Start program mandates and standards of excellence are met on a daily basis. This position develops the structure, systems and procedures to facilitate this. In addition to operating responsibility for fiscal, legal, and programmatic aspects of the program, it bears the responsibility of assuring that the program is strategically positioned for the future. Furthermore, this position requires strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills, as well as the ability to manage multiple projects and be attentive to details at the same time.  It requires the ability to function independently as a leader, delegate and partner with a management team.  Requires commitment to excellence in education and the ability to put together a staff of educators dedicated to ensuing the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the agency.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities: Assures the compliance with all funding source mandates, all applicable laws and regulations, and assures that standards which exceed the minimum are being met.

  1. Provides guidance and leadership to staff to emphasize the importance of the program achieving high standards of quality, internally and through public and private sector partnerships.
  2. Reviews and analyzes monthly financial and statistical reports to assess the budget status and to initiate preventative measures if any problems appear to be predicated.
  3. Oversees and monitors agreements for the purchasing of goods and services assures that bids are solicited in accordance with state and federal regulations.
  4. In conjunction with the Family Services Coordinator, assures that the program serves the number of eligible children for which it is funded.
  5. Reads management and leadership materials and program-related materials to keep abreast of developments in comprehensive early childhood programs.
  6. Works with other organizations in the community to foster collaboration as defined by federal Head Start.
  7. In conjunction with the management team, staff and Policy Council, leads planning meetings in which long and short-term goals for improvement are established.
  8. Conducts a complete Community Assessment every three years and an up-date during the intervening years.
  9. With input from program participants, management team and staff, develops a funding application every year.
  10. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, Division Director, and management team seeks additional outside funding for the program; meets the non-federal share requirement.
  11. Facilitates the continuing professional development of all staff as part of the commitment to excellence.
  12. Monitors the implementation of the responsibilities of employees through observation, monthly supervisory meetings, team meetings, and review of files and documentation.
  13. Assumes an active role in the annual program self-assessment.
  14. Assures remediation of any non-compliances found in grantee assessment, and incorporates recommendations into planning for the improvement of the program.
  15. Provides and/or secures training and technical assistance for all staff.
  16. Maintains a close working relationship with the Head Start Business Manager which provides the Director with information for budget writing and the status of the budget to facilitate effective oversight of expenditures.
  17. Hears and resolves community complaints about the program, seeking input from staff, parents, Policy Council, or the Board, as needed.
  18. Carries out the function delineated in procedures for staff grievances.
  19. Hires, and if necessary, fires staff, complying with applicable laws, regulations, agency personnel policies and procedures, and Policy Council input.
  20. Completes and submits regular reports to the funding sources, the Board of Directors, and the Policy Council.
  21. Monitors the program’s administrative cost, assuring it does not exceed the allowed amount.
  22. Monitors the program’s non-federal share to assure that the amount required is met. Meets with staff, parents, and the Board to develop strategies for increasing the amount of the program’s accumulated non-federal share, if necessary.
  23. Maintains open lines of communications with the grantee personnel.
  24. Negotiates final contracts for space, seeking to secure the lowest rate possible.
  25. In consultation with the School Readiness Coordinator, assures that classrooms and playgrounds are well-equipped and that teachers are performing to required standards.
  26. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Minimum Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree strongly preferred) in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Social Work, or Public Administration.
  2. 3 or more years of experience in Head Start preferred.
  3. Significant knowledge of State licensing requirements and Head Start Performance Standards preferred. Strong knowledge of best practices and systems in the field of early childhood education preferred.
  4. Experience in program administration, including program planning, operations and evaluation, and the use of management information systems.
  5. Leadership ability.
  6. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to work as part of a team.
  7. Strong computer skills, including internet and e-mail, excel and the ability to learn new systems as needed
  8. Regular access to a reliable vehicle, and valid driver’s license.
  9. Ability to pass a health examination and criminal background check. Ability to work effectively with minimal daily guidance.

Required Skills & Abilities:

  1. Sustained concentration and ability to handle multiple tasks often simultaneously.
  2. Significant diagnostic and problem solving skills.
  3. Ability to direct and assess the performance of program supervisors and consultants.
  4. Ability to handle highly stressful and sensitive situations in a professional manner.
  5. Ability to interpret and implement complex policies and regulations.
  6. Ability to work independently and maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.
  7. Ability to exercise tact and discretion in all employee interactions.
  8. Frequent sitting for long periods using computer keyboard, telephone and other office machines.
  9. Strong organization and time management skills, ability to meet tight deadlines.

Early Head Start Teacher (Covenant House and Incarnate Word) – The Early Head Start Teacher works under the supervision of the Center Director. The Early Head Start Teacher will be responsible for the organization of classroom space and equipment to meet the individual needs of children enrolled including the provision of activities in all areas reflecting Early Childhood Development practices, which encourage children to: initiate activities, solve problems, explore, experiment, question and learn by doing. Infant Toddler CDA.  Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education preferred.

Family Advocate – The Family Advocate is the outreach person for Catholic Charities Head Start Program, to families of the preschools of the community.   She/he coordinates Parent Empowerment Programs and responsible for the Head State Parental Involvement Program.  She/he is responsible for compliance regulations in regard to Head Start Program.  Primary responsibility for planning, organizing, and implementing the Family and Community Partnership service area. Recruits and enrolls children. Develops and implements Individualized Family Partnership agreements with parents. Acts as community liaison for the agency.

This position requires strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills, as well as the ability to manage projects and be attentive to details. It requires the ability to function independently as a leader, delegate and partner with a core management team.  The position requires a commitment to excellence in customer service and the ability to work in close collaboration with the Family Advocates. It requires dedication to ensuing the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the agency.

Family Advocates who enroll Head Start/Early Head Start children must have the knowledge and skill necessary to develop consistent, stable, and supportive relationships with young children and their families, and sufficient knowledge to implement the Head Start Performance Standards and other applicable regulations.

A Bachelor degree in Social Work or a related field of study; Must have 3 years of experience in working with children and families; Fluent in written and spoken English. Must also possess an understanding of the Head Start philosophy. Familiarity with child development or early childhood education. Knowledge of community resources and the social services system. Experience organizing, implementing, and managing multiple responsibilities under pressure. Experience in the use of computer data base and/or word. Ability to manage time efficiently.

Additional Requirements:

Food Technician/Housekeeper – The Food Technician is responsible for guaranteeing that the children are served nutritious, good tasting and appealing meals and snacks. It is the Food Technician’s responsibility to prepare these meals and snacks by methods that maintain high nutrient levels and that are sanitary. It is also the Food Technician’s duty to deliver meals to the classroom ready for family style meal services and suitable for the children’s age and development. The Food Technician purchases all food and supplies necessary with the assistance of the Lead Food Technician and keeps records required by the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and the Grantee. This position involves extensive organizing, problem solving, record keeping, and time management. High School Diploma preferred and one year minimum work experience.  The Housekeeper has the primary responsibility for cleaning the center in such a way to promote health and safety while reducing the spread of infection. It is the role of the custodian to follow daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, but not limited to the classrooms, kitchen, office areas, bathrooms, storage areas and entrances. The Housekeeper follows the cleaning schedule when the children are not in the center so no interference with their care occurs. The Housekeeper may also be responsible for performing additional duties not stipulated below. If so, these duties are specified as an addendum to this description. These additional duties may include general building and grounds maintenance, laundry, maintenance, laundry, maintaining cleaning supplies, etc. High School diploma/GED required. Experience in the custodial filed desirable. Knowledge of proper cleaning methods required.

Maintenance Worker (Temporary) – The Maintenance Worker is responsible for the general repairs and maintenance duties required for Head Start centers.

This position requires the ability to perform general repairs on the building, its contents and equipment. It also requires the skills necessary to communicate with the Supervisor, and other personnel.

Essential functions

  1. Standing between 33% to 66% of time worked.
  2. Walking over 66% of time worked.
  3. Sit less than 33% of time worked.
  4. Able to use hands to finger, handle or feel over 66% time required.
  5. Able to reach with hands and arms required over 66% of time.
  6. Must have ability to climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl between 33% to 66%.
  7. Effective communication with the ability to talk and hear over 66% time required.
  8. Less than 33% time needed for taste or smell.
  9. Minor exposure to air contamination (i.e. dust, fumes, and disagreeable odors).
  10. Must be able to lift and carry items up to 100 pounds.

Minimum qualifications: High School Diploma/GED, valid driver license, and an acceptable accident/violation motor vehicle record (as determined by insurance carrier).

School Readiness Coordinator – The School Readiness Coordinator is responsible for supporting the education staff and childcare partners by providing leadership, training, monitoring and technical assistance to programs’ systems and services as outlined in the Head Start Performance Standards. The School Readiness Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the program develops, integrates and implements systems and procedures for the delivery of quality educational programming to all participants and to ensure compliance with the Head Start Performance Standards and that mandates for federal, state and local licensing are met. Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (preferred). Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development or related service field required.

Teacher (St. John & Louise) – The Lead Teacher in any Head Start program is responsible for assisting in the planning and coordinating programs at his /her location. She/he is also responsible for supervising teachers and students at his/her location. She/he may coordinate and plan with other Head Start agencies. The Lead Teacher will assist in choosing and training staff. She/he is responsible for the planning and implementation of a comprehensive child development program that meets the Head Start definition of curriculum in all program options and setting. She/he is responsible for working with staff to provide ongoing program development that meets state and federal regulations and guidelines. Under the direction of Head Start Administrative Team, the Head Start Lead Teacher shares in the responsibility for the daily oversight of center operations, including assurance of compliance with minimum standards and standards established to assure a high-quality program. Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood/Child Development. Proven Proficiency in verbal and written communication skills.


Case Manager – The Social Worker is responsible for assessing the material and emotional needs of clients who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and providing them with counseling, educational and referral services.  The Social Worker will provide services to the most vulnerable clients in Catholic Charities’ homeless services programs. This position requires proven ability to function independently with minimal supervision.  This position requires adequate experience and/or specialized knowledge in the specific area to counsel and educate clients.  Maintain high level of client information confidentiality.  It requires proven interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field, previous experience in homeless services desired.

Essential functions of position:


Case Manager – CCANO’s Unaccompanied Children’s Program serves unaccompanied immigrant children who were temporarily in custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and reunified with sponsors. The Program aims to provide legal representation for over 1,000 clients a year, as well as case management and social service referrals, counseling, and other clinical interventions for a subset of clients with special needs. The Case Manager will provide social support services and referrals to these children who are identified as most in need. The position involves contact with children from Central America and their families, with a special focus on youth who have suffered abuse, abandonment, neglect, or other trauma, and who require support services in conjunction with legal representation.

Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate post-placement services and comprehensive case management services for children recently reunified with sponsors, including: Conduct various background interviews and needs assessments using child welfare principles and social work best practices (including but not limited to placement/home studies and need for post-release services); Develop individual service plans and monitor client progress with particular attention to culture, language, and special circumstances; Provide information, education, referrals, outreach, advocacy, and support to ensure that children receive the services they require (i.e. appropriate medical, mental health, education services, etc.);

Coordinate with key stakeholders – Includes building a network of relationships with social service providers and establishing standard protocols and referral procedures to ensure holistic care and ongoing monitoring; Conduct outreach to the community – Includes developing and updating referral resources and psychosocial resource materials to meet the special needs of recently released unaccompanied children; Develop, maintain, and update case management systems, reporting databases, and files to ensure timely compliance with monitoring and documentation standards; maintain confidentiality of information; Submit regular written reports as required and track individual progress via relevant database(s);

Assist attorneys to identify cases in need of more specialized case assessment, develop child-friendly interviewing skills, develop strategies for legal case management, and work with clients to prepare supporting documentation for their legal cases; May train and supervise interns/volunteers and support staff. Spanish reading, writing and speaking fluency required; Master’s degree in social work from an accredited institution preferred; Two years of relevant experience and a minimum of one years’ experience in case management preferred, particularly working with, serving, and advocating on behalf of immigrants and/or experience in child welfare, child placements, and family preservation; Ability to work with a culturally diverse population and sensitivity to the special needs of multi-cultural immigrant children, adults, and families; Strong interpersonal skills, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and attentiveness to detail;

Ability to prioritize duties in a fast-paced environment; Good knowledge of relevant community resources in the Greater New Orleans area;

Comprehensive knowledge of software appropriate to the office environment; Must have a valid driver’s license, insurance, a clean driving record, and personal transportation. Position may require frequent local and long distance travel and ability to travel with limited notice.

Citizenship Instructor (PRN) – Ten hours of evening classes per week will take place during four days per week, generally Monday through Thursday, at alternating sites in New Orleans, Westbank and Metairie.  Assessments for class placement and post-tests for measuring progress will be administered for each student. Data will be maintained on students’ attendance, assessments scores, and pass rates on the Citizenship examination. Office hours will be provided each week, and attendance at quarterly workshops to advertise citizenship services is required. The Citizenship Teacher will present an organized series of classes to two levels of adult English Language Learners who are legal permanent residents and possibly eligible to apply for naturalization. This position requires strong organizational, time management, and communication skills plus the ability to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Requires flexibility to work with students of varying proficiency levels and literacy levels. Must be sensitive to learning style differences, cultural differences, and the varying attendance of adult learners. Must be able to collect data and follow up with students. Bachelor’s degree highly preferred. Teaching certification or enrollment in teacher training programs highly preferred. At least one year prior ESL, or Citizenship teaching experience required.

Immigration Attorney – Immigration Attorney will represent Unaccompanied Children in immigration removal proceedings, and will prepare cases for submission to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and EOIR, including but not limited to, applications for asylum, Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) status, and/or T or U nonimmigrant status and other forms of immigration relief. She/he will also represent these children in immigration court, and family court for predicate and custody orders in relation to Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases. Staff Attorney will coordinate all aspects of a client’s case, including client intake, client communication, relevant research, drafting personal statements, preparing immigration forms, writing briefs, drafting court motions and orders, and advocacy with law enforcement and other agencies, and direct representation in court. May also represent women with VAWA and U-Visa petitions. Juris Doctor Degree with active membership in a State Bar, and preferably certified to practice in Louisiana. Two years or more experience practicing immigration law, or other relevant experience preferred. Experience with legal representation of Unaccompanied Alien Children preferred. Experience with immigration and/or child dependency legal clinics in law school preferred .Experience working with children and/or survivors of abuse and trauma preferred. Bilingual in Spanish and English (writing and speaking) required. Ability to work independently to manage a substantial workload with deadline pressures. Competence in communicating and interacting with others of diverse cultural, geographic, and economic backgrounds in a professional and compassionate manner, including interacting with individuals experiencing substantial levels of emotional, physical, financial, or other hardship. Ability to use basic Microsoft Office programs and online database software.

Legal Assistant – Catholic Charities Immigration Services, a nonprofit organization, is seeking an Immigration Legal Assistant. The Legal Assistant will support the Immigration Attorneys to prepare various aspects of a client’s immigration case. Responsibilities include: Assisting attorneys in document review and all aspects of case preparation; conducting intakes; drafting certain documents and immigration forms for review; corresponding with clients and government officials by phone, email and in person; managing appointment schedules; filing deadlines and document collection; organizing, maintaining, and updating clients’ case files and records in physical files and case management software; payment collection/invoicing (for non-pro bono cases); mailing; assisting with special projects, as necessary.  Other tasks as assigned.

Qualifications for the Position:

Project Coordinator – Catholic Charities Immigration Services, a nonprofit organization, is seeking a full-time Project Coordinator to oversee and provide program management for our Unaccompanied Children’s Project.  The Project Coordinator will oversee and monitor program compliance to provide legal representation and related services to unaccompanied immigrant children released by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Primary responsibility is to ensure appropriate implementation of the Unaccompanied Children’s Project administrative operations, including financial, human resources, information/data management, and reporting policies and procedures to ensure good practice and contractual compliance in support of up to 35 staff.  The incumbent will function under the supervision of the Program Director and is expected to take an active role in day-to-day operations of the Program.  Working closely with program and agency management, incumbent will be responsible for processing personnel transactions, grants and contracts management, purchasing and financial reporting. Incumbent must exhibit a high degree of professional excellence characterized by sound independent judgment, reliability, initiative, flexibility, and a high standard of ethics along with excellent communication, organizational, and computer skills

Incumbent will perform the following essential functions and specific duties/tasks:

Finance and Compliance:

Works with Program Director on management of program budget, particularly operational expenses. Monitor all accounting ledgers for accuracy; reviews financial reports monthly and monitor program variances; stays current with federal OMB guidelines.


Provides assistance to Program Director by coordinating office services; establishes and maintains effective communication with all levels of agency staff, funding agencies, vendors, clients and volunteers; creates and submit accurate payroll recaps; participate in program, division and agency meetings as required. Ensure appropriate documentation for all operating and administrative functions, including accounting, HR/timesheet reporting as per grant and internal requirements.  Assist in recruitment and supervision of support staff. 

Post-award Grants and Contracts Administration:

Work with Program Director to ensure programmatic and financial compliance with Unaccompanied Children’s Program grant. Acts as liaison between program and finance office. Maintains award notices on file and assures that program personnel or contractor knows the requirements of the award notices such as rebudgeting, deadlines for progress reports, etc. Confirms that awards are properly budgeted in accounting system, verifies ledger expenses and requests appropriate budget adjustments; orders items for grant expenditures and prepares all necessary budget justifications and re-budget requests. Works with Program Director to coordinate hiring of new personnel, assure that personnel are appropriately assigned to grant and contracts, and assists in developing program protocols. Schedules and coordinates meetings as need and maintains records from those meetings. Provides copies of financial reports and budget projections to Program Director. Oversee and assist in the preparation of progress reports. Conduct analysis of monthly program data and provide regular updates to the Program Director. 


Provide coordination of purchasing by all program staff; obtains quotes, submits orders, and processes invoice transmittals, including travel/mileage reimbursement; assures that costs are properly allocated to specific grants and within budget guidelines for each project; maintains and balances petty cash. Conduct review and initial approval of subcontractor invoices.

Facilities Management Responsibilities:

Assist Program Director with supervision of major construction, improvement or repairs to buildings and equipment; solicits and reviews bids and quotes and negotiates contracts; ensures compliance with Performance Standards.

Perform other job related duties as deemed necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the department. May be asked to represent the Center in public speaking engagements and at professional meetings.


Translator (PRN) – Translation of legal documents – converting documents written in Spanish to documents written in English. Common documents include but are not limited to:

Originate and complete a Certification of Translation of Record for translations that require notarization; complete translations in a consistent and professional format using electronic templates; properly file and maintain records of all translations received and prepared; answer phone calls and maintain record of calls received; attend trainings when assigned by Program Director or supervisor; occasionally cover reception deck during lunch and/or when receptionist is absent; other related tasks as assigned. This position is depended on the needs of our client population and will operate on an on-call/as needed basis which may vary week to week. Average expected time commitment is 2-3 days a week. Written fluency in English and Spanish required. Professional certification in translation is highly desirable. Strong and efficient computer skills; including proficiency with using templates and preparing documents in Microsoft Office for spell check, etc. and use of electronic database; organized, with as excellent attention to detail; ability to communicate well with others, including clients, attorneys , and other administrative staff members; professional phone manner, patience, and flexibility; ability to maintain effective and professional work relationships; applicants with an interest in social services, social policy and practice, or immigrant and refugee issues highly encouraged to apply.


Program Coordinator – The Program Coordinator is responsible for working with Catholic Church parishes and schools, other ministries and program within the Archdiocese, Catholic Charities, and the general community to implement the Isaiah 43 program. The Program Coordinator will assist program sites with managing volunteers and participants as well as program planning, development, implementation and evaluation. Program Coordinator should have knowledge of community-based outreach and programs. An ability to work harmonious and holistically, as part of the team with staff, volunteers, clients, and partners is required. The incumbent must demonstrate a philosophy and value base consistent with the mission and values Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, utilizing a strengths and empowerment perspective and working towards increasing the capacities of program participants. The incumbent must be able to work effectively and respectfully with people from diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. The incumbent must have excellent interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills, public speaking and facilitation skills, strong attention to detail, excellent organizational and problem solving skills, and ability to handle multiple tasks both effectively and efficiently. Program Coordinator should possess a Bachelor’s degree and minimum of 3 years of relevant professional level experience. Must be proficient with Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point. Must be mobile to travel on a regular basis to multiple sites including church parishes and other Isaiah 43 sites within the Archdiocese. Must be available to work non-traditional hours on a regular basis including evenings and weekends.


Certified Nursing Assistant (PRN) – Under the direct supervision of the Lead Certified Nursing Assistant; responsibilities include but are not limited to personal care service, non skilled treatments, assistance with toileting, feeding, lunch service, assisting with group activities, recreational activities, assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the facility, and escorting participants to and from physician appointments or other services outside of the PACE Day Center. Must have nursing assistant certification and have current CPR certification. She/he must be able to work in a team environment. High School Diploma/GED, current state certified nursing assistant license and CPR certification. One year experience in care of the elderly individuals at various cognitive levels, good interpersonal skills with the ability to handle unusual situations. Must be able to maneuver and operate general household equipment.

Nurse Practitioner – Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner or Family Nurse Practitioner. The Nurse Practitioner functions to provide high quality of care to our geriatric patients. Diagnose, treat, and manage acute and chronic health problems; Perform and document patient history and physical examinations in our EMR; wound care; prescriptions; lab evaluation and lab studies; demonstrate strong communication skills with patients to provide feedback regarding finding and treatment plans; partner with collaborating physicians and clinic staff to meet patient needs. ANP or FNP; graduate from an accredited nurse practitioner education program required; nurse practitioner certification by a national certifying organization approved by the Louisiana Board of Nursing required; CPR certifications required; 3-5 years experience – preferably with some long term care experience; at least 1 year of experience with geriatric patients required; past experience working within an  interdisciplinary team environment preferred but not required; and, comfortable with using an electronic health record.

RN Care Manager – Responsible for assisting the needs of the participant/family and coordinates process to facilitate the participant’s efficient movement through the health care continuum.  The RN Care Manager has accountability for reviewing/monitoring appropriateness and necessity of admission, intensity of service, and continued stay.  The RN Care Manager communicates with physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and other case managers, nurse manager/staff nurse, social workers, outside agencies, and ancillary department to effectively manage clinical and financial outcomes, identify opportunities to reduce cost and length of stay while maintaining or enhancing quality of services.  The RN Care Manager’s scope will embody the six core components of case management throughout essential and specific job: Psychosocial Aspects; Healthcare Reimbursement; Rehabilitation; Healthcare Management and Delivery; Principles of Practice; Case Management Concepts.  The RN Care Manager will assist with assessments for home, nursing home, and hospital participants; explains PACE services and philosophy to participants/families; assesses participants and family status based on the physiological, psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional needs presented.  The RN Care Manager will assist with the development of a written plan of care with IDT defining goals and nursing actions based on needs identified in assessment, utilizing Hospice, community and facility services when applicable; verbally interprets plan of care to all care providers; implements the plan of care under the direction of the PACE Center Manger or designee, ensuring compliance with the federal and state regulations the plan of care on a regular basis and as necessary to meet the changing needs of the PACE Participant and caregiver.  The RN Care Manager must demonstrate skill in interpersonal relationships with PACE participants, families, nursing, home staff, co-workers and community support services. Candidate must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing and must possess an unencumbered RN License in the state of Louisiana.  Bachelor of Science in Nursing, at minimum 3 to 5 years of continuous nursing experience with at least one year in a geriatric area, prior experience in home health, case management, wound care, medical-surgical experience and one year supervisory skills.  Able to effectively handle difficult and unusual situations.  CPR certificate required.


Food Technician (Temporary) – Prepare well balances and appetizing meal according to menus. Maintain a clean and sanitary work, dining, and storage area. Serve the prepared meals in a timely and organized fashion. Receive and store food supplies. Set up catered events at work location. Maintain proper documentation of meals served and prepares other paperwork as directed. Maintain effective communication with the staff and supervisor. Maintain cleanliness of appliances and fixtures. Perform other duties as directed by supervisor. Moderate physical activity; stand between 33%-66% of the time. Walk more than 60% of the time on wet surface. Use of hand to fingers, handle or feel required more than 60% of time. Full ability to talk and hear in a moderate to loud noise environment. Full vision required. Ability to lift up to 30 pounds required more than 66% of the time. High School diploma or a GED, a valid driver license and 6 months experience preferably in a school or hospital setting.

Maintenance Worker (Temporary/part-time) – He/she will do the maintenance work which will include but not limited to performing janitorial, basic electrical, carpentry, plumbing and painting for building, grounds and equipment and treating structures such as client rooms, floors, walls, and building/homes. He/she will assist in organizing and placing donated items in designed areas. He/she will assist in maintenance requests with program group homes and ADHC centers. Serve as a backup driver bringing clients to Dr. Appointments, outings, day programs. He/she will receive other job duties as deemed necessary by supervisor. High School Diploma or Equivalent. Familiar with maintenance and repair work.

PRN Licensed Practical Nurses (Days/Nights, 48 hours monthly) – Responsible for assessments, documentation medication, administration, administration of prescribed treatments, care plan initiation, implementation and review, notifies supervisor/Medical Director of any changes in patient status or complications. Communicates with clients and families as required, Attends in-serve, trainings, and maintains license and certifications as required. Unencumbered Louisiana Practical Nursing License; at least 1 year of practical nursing experience in an medical-surgical, nursing home, or long term care setting. Graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing.


Case Aide –  CCANO’s Refugee Services Program provides holistic case management to support refugee self-sufficiency for over 250 clients a year.  All staff play a part in ensuring that refugee clients receive quality and timely services and that program objectives are met.  The Program works to develop individualized self-sufficiency plans and provide clients with appropriate assistance to access health, social, and other services in order to achieve their self-sufficiency goals.

Essential Job Responsibilities:


Case Manager – CCANO’s Refugee Services Program provides holistic case management to support refugee self-sufficiency for over 250 clients a year.  The Case Manager ensures that refugee clients receive quality and timely services and that program objectives are met.  Develop individualized self-sufficiency plans and provide clients with appropriate assistance to access health, social, and other services in order to achieve their integration goals.
Essential Job Responsibilities:  Provide case management for refugee clients for a period of at least 8 months per client from pre-arrival through arrival, intake, home visit(s), development of self-sufficiency plans, access to benefits and other services, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that clients are making progress toward self-sufficiency goal; Assist clients with applications for benefits as well as develop and review service plans on a regular basis to ensure client’s access to all necessary health and social services, as well as enrollment and attendance in school, ESL, cultural orientation, and other employment-related services; Coordinate with Employment Specialist and VISTA/volunteer mentors to ensure team support to overcome any barriers to self-sufficiency in order to achieve client’s goals; Participate in weekly case consultation/team meetings to review case plans, identify and resolve client care and service delivery issues; Develop, maintain, and timely update case management systems, reporting databases, and files; maintain confidentiality of information; Open and maintain individual case files and ensure timely compliance with documentation standards; Other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in social work or related field from an accredited institution preferred; Two years of case management or other related experience required; Fully bi-lingual candidates in the following languages required: Arabic/English, Spanish/English, Farsi/English. Proficiency in other languages like Creole French, French, or Dari valued; Ability to work with a culturally diverse population and sensitivity to the special needs of multi-cultural immigrant children, adults, and families.  Preference given to those with experience and demonstrated ability to work with individuals who have experienced trauma; Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills, including maintaining effective work relationships; Strong management and organizational skills, in particular time management and multi-tasking; Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word and Excel.  Facility with database use required. To apply, please email cover letter, resume, and three references to Lilian Alvarez at: lalvarez@ccano.org


DCMP Administrative Assistant – The Executive Assistant for this program will be responsible for providing support to the Disaster Case Management (DCM) Program Director and serve as support to other team members of the program. S/he scope of work will not be limited to office support but will provide assistance in developing reports and ensuring smooth running of daily activities. The administrative assistance will also be responsible coordinating and managing donations, developing and maintaining resources listings. S/he will also be responsible for all data collection and forms related to DCMP as well as any other program related projects, as needed. DCM program will provide services in Washington and St Tammany parishes; therefore the administrative assistance should have reliable transportation and be willing to travel to this parishes for trainings, meetings and other program needs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

This position requires excellent communication, strong organizational skills, ability to manage multiple projects. The administrative assistant will be working in a fast paced environment and should have the ability to multitask and comply with short and strict timelines and deadlines. The candidate must demonstrate an advance level of computer skills with solid knowledge of word, excel and power point. The ability to function both independently and as part of a team. Attention to detail, task, and project follow-through and the ability to manage multiple products. Overall Professionalism in dress, demeanor, language, and interaction with others.

Preferred Education: Bachelor Degree


DSW (evening days/night) – Assistance with daily living and household chores. Accompany consumers on community integration and scheduled doctor’s appointments. Perform gastrostomy tube feeding as well as oral feeding. Assistance with toileting, positioning, and other neon complex task. Must be able to work in a team environment with good interpersonal skills, and the ability to handle unusual situations. Must be able to work evenings, night, weekends, and holidays. High School diploma or GED required. Experience with mental disability population preferred. CNA or DSW certified / 16 hour medication administration training, must possess valid driver license and CPR card.


Workforce Development Director – Responsible for the development and growth of innovative workforce programs for the agency. Work in collaboration with the workforce community. Provide administration and supervision of the Ameri-corp re-entry workforce program to include all documentation of sites, service hours, trainings and ensure program budget and client outcomes. Provide administration and supervision of the re-entry 72 program to include all grant deliverables and reporting and budget compliance. Develop new funding sources and work in collaboration with the Grants Administrator for workforce development from federal, state, local and private foundation sources. Provide supervision to workforce development specialist and re-entry staff. Provide oversight of the workforce programs to catholic parishes. Develops and monitors all budgets in the program. Provide cost and variance analysis every month and oversees corrective actions to bring budget in compliance. Responsible for overseeing all data entry in Client Trac to ensure quality and improve quality according to the Strategic Plan. Responsible for the Quarterly Reporting in the Performance Quality Improvement Program. Responsible for compliance with Council and Accreditation standards. Attends bi-weekly development sessions with Division Director and prepares concise bi-weekly reports. Perform other duties as assigned. Master’s Degree in Human Services preferred. Five years with administrative responsibility for workforce program design and implementation. Proficiency with EXCEL and Word. Excellent communication skills. Experience with re-entry programs preferred. Families with State and Federal contracts for workforce preferred. Experience in the workforce community and ability to work with all sectors of the community including business, government, church and non-profit communities.




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