Children & Families

Isaiah 43
Isaiah 43 is a parenting and mentoring program created in partnership with the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The program is rooted in Judeo-Christian values and teachings with a mission of strengthening and supporting families to bring about a change in the culture of our society. Isaiah 43 engages youth and parents to encourage peaceful conflict resolution, skillful communication, constructive discipline, forgiveness, and leadership development. Isaiah 43’s parenting program provides support to parents of 4-13 year olds by helping parents to enhance their parenting skills and providing an opportunity for parents to fellowship with each other. Our mentoring program targets youth ages 10-18 and connects them with a caring role model. Isaiah 43 utilizes proven methods to work toward a culture that respects human life and teaches each person to respect him or herself and treat others with dignity.
(504) 310-8772


Parish & Community Ministries –  Case Management
Our Parish & Community Ministries provide long term case management, with direct assistance as part of a holistic approach to recovery.
Find a Parish & Community Ministry near you!


Therapeutic Family Services
Therapeutic Family Services provides homes for behaviorally disordered, developmentally delayed, or medically dependent children in need of foster care. The City of New Orleans funds community-based mental health services for those who apply.
504-310-6939 or 504-310-6957

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