In the Spotlight: Food For Families / Food for Seniors Drivers

Published on February 24, 2016

More than¬†three years ago, Food for Families / Food for Seniors initiated a Driver Safety Program that recognizes truck and van drivers with good driving records. The drivers must adhere to National Traffic Safety rules and codes of conduct. The drivers’ records are reviewed every six months, and a monetary incentive is awarded to those who have not violated any safety rules. A CDL driver with a good record for three consecutive years receives a certificate and $100.

Food for Families / Food for Seniors is proud to acknowledge Ulysses Andrews, Troy Edemon, and Ernest Riley for demonstrating good driving habits. These three drivers have accumulated a total of forty years as CDL drivers for Food for Families / Food for Seniors.

Food for Families / Food for Seniors

Tim Robertson, Executive Director of FFF/FFS presents certificates to Troy Edemon (top left), Ulysses Andrews (bottom left), and Ernest Riley (right).