The Power of Charity & Compassion

Posted by Sr. Marjorie Hebert, MSC | October 2017 | 

Dear Friends of Catholic Charities,

We come to you this month with a renewed spirit and sense of purpose. Our Catholic Charities Archdiocese New Orleans staff just returned from the annual Catholic Charities USA conference, hosted this year by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Catholic Charities USA has hosted this gathering of Catholic Charities professionals, volunteers, and partners from across the country for more than 100 years. Attendees share innovative ideas, struggles, resources, and inspiration through our shared Catholic identity.

The theme of the conference – In Charity, a Home for All – could not have been more appropriate for this gathering held in recently disaster-struck Texas. As we all know too well, disaster recovery is an immensely difficult task as an individual, family, or community. Throughout my years of service and growing up on the Gulf Coast, what strikes me every time a natural disaster hits is the willingness of others to help.

You all have generously given to Catholic Charities through your gifts of prayer, monetary donations, or time, even as many of you or your loved ones have been personally affected by these storms. The mobilizing and coming together of individual Catholic Charities agencies across the country shows the true strength and power that comes from charity and compassion. This recent conference facilitated that sharing and reminded us that our work in charity is part of a larger ecclesial mission.

Thank you, again, for your support throughout this challenging summer. My prayers are with you all to maintain your safety through the end of this trying hurricane season. When facing difficult times, I hope it lightens your burden a bit to know that you are a part of a community – In Charity, a Home for All. No one should have to bear their burdens alone and by participating in the work of Catholic Charities, inspired by our Catholic identity, you make sure no one has to.

Let us continue to pray to Our Lady of Prompt Succor for safety and protection for the remainder of Hurricane Season 2017! Your generosity and support are deeply appreciated.

North Shore Disaster Relief ResponseGod bless you,

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Sr. Marjorie Hebert, MSC