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Volunteer Spotlight: Refugee Services Employment Success Coach Janet Lopez

April 26, 2017
Immigration and Refugee Services Featured Image trusted tablets pharmacy Janet Lopez has served as the AmeriCorps Employment Success Coach for Catholic Charities’ Refugee Services program since November 2016. Her job, which is multi-faceted and changes daily, is to give people the support and tools they need to eventually become … Continue reading

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A Journey of Courage & Faith: Immigration Services

November 8, 2016
Stories of Hope: Immigration and Refugee Services

Nelson always felt like he was meant to be in the United States. However, his journey to reunite with his mother was not what he imagined. Fearful for his life and the safety of his grandmother and family, Nelson was forced to make a difficult decision – to stay and endure the horrors of Honduras or attempt to escape. His decision to escape took courage and faith. Continue reading

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A Statement from the Archdiocese of New Orleans and Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans: Refugee Resettlement

November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015 Catholic Charities Immigration and Refugee Services has a long history of resettling families fleeing violence in their home countries. Thirty years ago the late Archbishop Philip Hannan worked to resettle Vietnamese families here, and today the Vietnamese … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Volunteerism Day By Day

April 15, 2015

Small works of kindness can make for a lifetime of extraordinary service! Volunteer Danilo Perojo lives this day by day and it is dedicated volunteers like him who make the scope of Catholic Charities’ work possible! Because of his tireless commitment, accumulating over 4,000 volunteer hours for Catholic Charities, Danilo has been awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for National Service. Continue reading

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By Region: Information available for immigrants who may qualify for legal relief under Executive Action

December 9, 2014

Published on December 9, 2014 En Espanol: Información disponible para inmigrantes que podrían cumplir con los requisitos para acceder al alivio establecido por la acción ejecutiva On Thursday, November 20, President Obama gave a speech announcing executive action on immigration. … Continue reading

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