Pro-Life Services

ACCESS Pregnancy & Referral Centers
ACCESS Pregnancy & Referral Centers provide free, confidential testing, ultrasound and case management for women facing an unplanned or troubled pregnancy. All ACCESS sites are Certified Medicaid Application Centers. Pregnancy education includes nutrition, parenting, childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care

Metairie: (504) 832-1503

Access Mobile Unit: (504) 427-1278
Tuesdays through Thursdays Click here for current schedule.


Adoption Services
Adoption Services of Catholic Charities is a domestic and international adoption program. Services include counseling, legal and medical assistance, and follow up.
(504) 885-1141
Toll Free 1-866-566-1399

St. Vincent Maternity Clinic
St. Vincent Maternity Clinic provides affordable, private medical care, education, and counseling to low- to moderate-income women during pregnancy and delivery, and provides up to three days stay at Touro Infirmary. The clinic accepts Medicaid and is a Medicaid application center.
(504) 837-6346